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I'm Danielle

You're here for a reason, which I'm excited to discover. Here is a little about myself and why I am devoted to helping you achieve your fullest potential: 

After having landed my dream job in fashion and a fantastic apartment in New York City, I realized that these things weren't what I needed to be happy. But throughout this journey, I learned two absolutely life-changing keys, which I’ll share with you here:

The first is the art of manifestation, and the second is listening to your inner guidance (which I’ll talk more about a little later.)

If you don't know what manifestation is, basically it's the universal law which states that:

What we put out to the universe is attracted right back to us, like a magnet. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words and actions are creative, and all play a part in how we co-create and experience our individual and collective realities.

Put more concisely:

Our thoughts shape our reality!

If this is new to you, I know it might sound a little "out there." Trust me, when I first heard about it, I too was stunned! 

But when I thought about it, I realized that everything starts at the thought level. We feel emotions because we first thought a thought, which caused us to have that emotion. And our emotions and thoughts drive our actions.

I learned that by using your thoughts to visualize something happening, you can draw that experience into your actual life. 

This is accessible for you too, right now. Stick with me and I'll show you how. 

So, I began practicing this art of visualization and I got really good at attracting pretty amazing things into my life.

This included, but was not limited to, my dream job at Calvin Klein, traveling to Paris for work, and signing the lease for a fabulous SoHo loft apartment (a.k.a checking off my personal American dream.)

But after having achieved this American dream, I was blown away, realizing that I was actually not happy.

From an outsider's perspective it probably looked like I was! I was a Midwest girl who was making it in the Big Apple, with a job most girls would kill for. But deep down, I felt empty and purposeless. 

Subconsciously, I think I had hoped that having the coolest wardrobe and impressive job title would bring me more friends, more joy and more love.

But it didn't. In fact, it just created a bigger void within myself, which seemed to constantly need filling. 

I realized that I was hiding behind these things, these labels, like a logo bag hoping others would see that I'm branded and love me. I was using my accomplishments and my possessions to try and prove that I was finally good enough.

There was no end to this vicious cycle. I kept feeling I needed better, higher-end clothing, job titles and more money to impress the outside world in order to demonstrate my worth.

It was like trying to fill a bucket with water, but one that had major holes in the bottom!

Meanwhile, I was squashing down my truest expression and suffering because of it.

So I dared to ask the question:

WHO AM I? (If not my nice clothes, my job, my apartment?) 

They say that when you ask yourself this (who am I?) over and over, you're supposed to be able to experience who you are without any answers (or labels) coming to mind.

And I believe this is true, but for myself I've found it to be more of process-- unraveling more and more of who I'm not, so I can know and become more and more of who I truly am.

I decided to start paying attention to my inner guidance, rather than continuing to try and fill my fearful ego needs.

I found out that our inner guidance is always giving us clues as to what the best next step to take on our individual journeys are.

And I was being guided to be of service to others, helping them to manifest their own truest dreams and desires.

So I quit my job in fashion to become a life coach. I've since completed a year-long life coach and leadership training program, became an inner dance facilitator, thoroughly studied shamanic journeying, read countless personal development books, became Reiki certified and started hosting spiritual retreats around the world in order to be of service to other truth seekers, like yourself.

I've learned that being true to myself is more important than drinking water. (OK, it's a close second ;-) But I have to tell you: 

Creating your life from a place of ego-needs only creates more suffering. 

What I mean by that is...

You can keep reaching for things you think will make you happy, to fill a void, or compensate for not feeling good enough as you are, but you will live a life devoid of true fulfillment.

So, my suggestion is that you use your spiritual powers to manifest your most authentic desires


Here you will find inspiring ways to align with your truth and co-create your highest intentions. 

You can also book a private session with me to gain more clarity about your life's divine mission and learn to release those aspects of you that don't align with who you truly are, at the soul level. 

Lastly, you can stay connected and be a part of our amazing community.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I'm thrilled we're connected and I'm excited for the journey ahead.

All my love,